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  1. We are aware unfortunately that our discord server is no longer available again to our members. Please be patient while we sort this out and come to a good long-term solution We will not be opening another Discord server but will be looking for alternatives to keep in contact with the GA community. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused to any of you. Our team does everything it can to protect the members and keep everything running smoothly. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you updated.
  2. Your the man! Good job on these plans and bet we will pursue every single one of em! RookieKiddie Moderator of GhostAim
  3. I replied to you in the Discord, we will figure this out and if not we can always open up a ticket! I will lock this thread from rewards to prevent spam 🙂
  4. RookieKiddie


    Hey, it is definitely not hard to setup! We even got our own tutorials on how to set it up!
  5. Age: 23 Time Zone: Western Europe 1+ Are you familiar with the rules and confident in your ability to enforce them?: Yes I am familiar with the rules and know how to work with rules. Rules keeps a discord friendly and gentle. How long have you been subscribed to GhostAim?: Not too long, I am a subscriber for 1,5 month so far. Do you have previous moderator+ experience?: I currently own an RSPS, so that takes alot of responsibility which teached me alot about moderating the global server itself, and before I decided to host my own, I also been as support/moderation staff positions on many pretty popular servers. If you answered yes to the above question, list where your experience comes from and how long you were in that position(you can list multiple), otherwise skip this: I host RSPS servers since 2019, before that period I used to play alot of RSPS's and used to get in good contact with the staff which lead to being in the position of being a staff member once, which later lead to hosting my own servers. Do you have any previous experience with troubleshooting similar programs?: I studied application development and IT manager, so I know how to work with Windows/Linux and Windows Server 2008-2016 How long have you worked with computers or technology?: I started studieing IT/application development from the age of 16, first IT manager, then application development. Which is also where I learnt how to code Java for the RSPS servers. Are you able to do a voice chat interview?: Yes I am, although my Dutch accent might sound funny :)

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