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  1. Mickie


    Yes once your subscription has expired you would need to purchase a new subscription. Kind regards Mickie.
  2. We have actually moved to Telegram now, feel free to join and say hi 🙂 Telegram - GhostAim
  3. Hey Blvnk GA works up to the latest version of 21H1. Thanks for using Ghostaim Kind regards Mickie.
  4. Hey blvnk There should be no need to format windows, you would just need to use the cleaner to be able to play again on the new windows user it will create for you with a spoofed HWID.
  5. Mickie


    Hey Jadin You would normally make a support ticket in regards to becoming a reseller however we are currently not taking on any resellers for the moment. Kind regards MIckie.
  6. Mickie


    Hey Dopeee Yes the Engine for Warzone has a built in Spoofer, Cleaner & Soft Unlock Tool. Thank you for using Ghostaim Kind regards Mickie.
  7. Name:Mickie Age:27 Time Zone:BST Are you familiar with the rules and confident in your ability to enforce them?: Yes How long have you been subscribed to GhostAim?: 3 months Do you have previous moderator+ experience?:Yes If you answered yes to the above question, list where your experience comes from and how long you were in that position(you can list multiple), otherwise skip this:Shadwell Town - PVPC Do you have any previous experience with troubleshooting similar programs?: some experience. How long have you worked with computers or technology?: from aslong as i can remember. Are you able to do a voice chat interview?:Yes
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