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  1. yes Yes, the cheats were put on the backburner due to the spoofer issues.
  2. The spoofer is still being tested and worked on, it was basically started over from scratch with some amazing new security methods being used. The devs also taken the time to use this time for rewriting the kernel part of our cheats itself, bringing unmatched security to all our products soon here. Keep an eye out in the Telegram chat for updates, a few have gone out already from the admins 🙂https://ghostaim.com/telegram/
  3. store is fully reactivated now and card purchases will work again.
  4. the amount of detection checks in place around the aimbot specifically is nuts, we would know. It is not detected, there has been a massive banwave on flagged accounts, if you are not using VERY legit aimbot settings the server side anticheat is noticing your irregular aim movement, which flags your account now. there is nothing we can do about that. The only thing that got detected was the spoofer, and that is being worked on. Do not come here spreading rumors man, it incites fear for no reason at all.
  5. the game update indeed requires some updating on our end as well, thanks for letting us know brother.
  6. Johann12911


    Yes! the process for an hwid ban is here -> https://ghostaim.com/forums/topic/335-ghostaim-spoofercleaner-guide/
  7. You ca, but you need to figure out how to add a zip code to make it compatible to be used with Stripe ( our card processor ) , most prepaid cards have methods to do it online if you google it
  8. last detection was around 5-6 months ago, and it was not a full detection. They targeted our auto-injection, so only users that used that feature very near when it got detected got banned. we were down for less than 14 hours(because we have methods set up to tell us exactly what part of the cheat they targeted, so we knew what to fix) , and have been sailing smooth ever since. We have doubled down on security since then, as in you will find no traces of us while running it. Anticheat bypass isnt out yet as the anticheat hasnt released to EU/US servers, its only in asia servers, but its being worked on and tested atm. we are not obs streamproof, xsplit and twitch studios do work for streamproof though for many
  9. hopefully youve found it by now, but if not itll always be here on the site https://ghostaim.com/clients/purchases/
  10. Spoofer is working fine. be sure to follow the guide if youre hwid banned
  11. that could definitely be a cause, we support up to 21h1 at the moment
  12. You can buy crypto on Coinbase with paypal, and use that to pay.
  13. please make a support ticket (support tab on the top of the site) and include your Key and Order # (https://ghostaim.com/clients/purchases/) and we can get it reset. If youre going to use a 3rd party spoofer instead of ours(included in your cheat purchase btw, heres the guide https://ghostaim.com/forums/topic/335-ghostaim-spoofercleaner-guide/) , you must always run a 3rd party spoofer after running ghostaim. and if youre spoofer doesnt return your hwid to normal after a reboot, this error will keep on happening man.
  14. if youre in our telegram youll have seen the update, but if not, xbox controllers now have native support and playstation controllers just need to use Ds4Windows to emulate an xbox controller (no remap required)
  15. youre fully remapping the entire controller? it should work. leave the loader set to 'mouse' and not to 'controller' when remapping, same with in game settings leave it on mouse/keyboard
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