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  1. the discord link can be found on the website, under the 'discord' tab at the top of the site. (https://ghostaim.com/discord/invite/general/)
  2. The cheat does not have Silent Aim and does not save your settings. If youre in our discord you can add them to the Suggestions channel to be looked at
  3. I love to hear that man, thats exactly what we strive for here at GhostAim. We know how support can be hard/slow to get other places, but we make sure our members are taken care of as soon as possible. Thanks for choosing GhostAim brother! Make sure to join the discord once its back up and ready 😄
  4. Yes, time is always compensated for downtime. Also, your time wont 'start' until you put the key into our loader, so you are free to hold onto the key after you purchase and activate it once you see MW is ready to go
  5. Yes it works with 21H1. And it is not streamproof for discord streams, but it is streamproof using xsplit / twitch studios. You may be able to stream it in discord with nothing showing if you were to use xsplit, and set discord to capture xsplit, but im not sure if that would work for sure or not.
  6. To answer question 1.) If youre trying to keep your main HWID safe, yes use the spoofer option in the loader. and for question 2.) the spoofer stops after a reboot of your pc. The 'cleaner' option we have is for a permanent 'spoof'

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