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  1. You will purchase a license and then download the loader from the downloads section.
  2. Throughout the past few months we have struggled keeping our Discord server online and active. With the most recent ban we have decided to move the community over to Telegram. We juggled other options along with Telegram, but this ended up being our best option. Telegram will be easier for you all as a community to reach us with any suggestions, comments and questions you may have, as well as conversations you can have with other members as well. Along with that we will no longer have to worry about it being taken down every couple weeks. Our telegram server is here: https://t.me/ghostaim_official If you have any trouble with joining the server or setting up your telelgram, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can help you. Our goal is to not have to worry anymore about setting up a new server anymore and can focus on providing you with the updates that you enjoy. With that said, we are currently working on more features and updates to roll out soon to you all. We appreciate you all sticking with us and bearing with us during all this. Thank you for using Ghostaim, Ghostaim Team
  3. It is exactly that. Not only did the server get banned this time, all the moderators including Laz and myself got banned as well. We're thinking of different options besides discord to use at the moment. As always, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to anyone.
  4. There is no ETA on the Vanguard cheat and whether zombies will be included or not is undecided. We will announce further details regarding these topics in the future.
  5. All lifetime keys will still be active and keep using their intended purchase
  6. This is still undecided. If you would like more information and news regarding please be sure to join our discord. Thank you.
  7. Yes, we are currently making improvements to it though.
  8. Nothing will 100% safe since we have no idea what Activision pushes out for their updates. But we have been undetected now for over a year if that makes you feel any better.
  9. Our MW/WZ engine has been undetected now since release which has been over a year. There are features though that come with it such as the unlocker that we warn could lead to a shadow or perma ban, so use those at your discretion. Our CW engine has been undetected since last November and that was only because of our Zombie menu we had implemented at the time which has since been removed. All the products do come with a spoofer so you can protect all your main serials. Feel free once you subscribe to join our discord as well. Thank you
  10. So glad to hear you are happy with the product. There will always be more updates to come in the engine. If you have any issues with anything please don't hesitate to open a ticket. Thank you for using Ghostaim.
  11. We do not media keys at all. You're more than welcome to showcase the engine on your channel though.
  12. Morphene


    Yes, the WZ engine does come with the spoofer. And it does work on 2004, all the way up to 21H1.
  13. We recommend using Xsplit or Twitch studios for streaming. As they are both stream proof.
  14. The CW engine does not offer anything with zombies,
  15. I would like to thank everyone that has applied. In such a few short hours there were so many responses. We will be reviewing these over the next a day and will decide our newest staff member this week. You all have shown us how much you care and enjoy the site and we appreciate every single one of you. Thank you again.

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