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  1. Morphene


    The Cold War engine is still being debugged for the controller, you will find some guns work while others do not. Remember as well with the MW engine, that if you are using a PS4 controller you will need to remap accordingly. For this you can use REWASD.
  2. English is preferred. You can find settings in the discord server by asking other members. Thank you.
  3. By blocked do you mean HWID banned? The engine for MW/WZ will come with a cleaner that should bypass any HWID ban you might be experiencing. Thank you
  4. Hasn't been one. Your main should be fine, but remember if you get banned on it, it was at your own risk. So please run wisely.
  5. You do not have to join the discord, it is recommended for faster help from members there. Also yes, it can be used with a PS4 controller, you may need to remap with REWASD though. Enjoy man!
  6. It's not GA causing you to get SB, you are being too obvious, causing you to your HWID flagged. Run the integrated and play again. Don't rage so hard. Same goes to the post above yours. If this was true that it was detected, I wouldn't have a 3+ month account that I use GA on everyday.... Also, there's a create a new thread option guys, don't bump 2+ month old ones.
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