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  1. amok25


    I have already checked it and sometimes the aiming assistant works and others it does not work, an example you aim at the chest of another player with the center of the sight perfectly in the center of the chest, you shoot and the bullets can go 20 meters from the chest or more , the aiming assistant does not work well and that I tried many configurations and I already played with several cheats, I know what I am talking about, you have to review that error, Regards.
  2. Hello , Please i want to see the menu of cheat I would show you the images but I don't know if the admin allows it. Sorry.
  3. amok25

    new pay

    hi, Yesterday I made a payment for 1 day to test the cheat and I tell you that I like it a lot, what I wanted to know is if I make a payment for 1 month now, you could extend the few hours that I have left but keep the same key so as not to have that inject again. thanks.
  4. hi, cheat works with xbxox one controller including aimbot and aiming assistant. thanks.
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