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  1. well guys, I can assure you that this cheat is very safe. You can only have penalties if someone reports you too many times (in my case it didn't happen to me for 30 days) I recommend it, honestly the best cheat I've ever had. ESP 10/10: It only works to see enemies, there is no item filter but it is enough! Aimbot 8/10: The prediction theme is very good if the enemy stays still at long distances, with sniper it is a bit difficult to know when to shoot, but most of the time it works as it should, in rifle the aimbot is 10/10.
  2. I have previously bought on other pages and there were no penalties. But I have decided to try his trick and I have some doubts 1. Were there any detections in your program? In **other forum** there are comments where they say they were banned or detected, I don't know if it was really detected or it was just a comment from many. 2. Can I use ALT normally to minimize the game without closing? I have used another hack where minimizing the game or using the "ALT" key disconnects me from the game, I work online selling and if I can't minimize it will cause me problems.
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