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GhostAim Vanguard BETA


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GhostAim Vanguard 1.0.1 BETA has been released to the public. If you pre-ordered the cheat you can download the loader here: https://ghostaim.com/files/file/5-call-of-duty-vanguard-loader/

The cheat includes:
-Bone scan/Vis checks
-HP bars
-Distance markers
-HWID spoofer

Most features work identically to how they work on Warzone/MW. Features that are not being included on initial release are item unlocks, and 'angles' aim mode. 

There may be bugs present in the current BETA build of GhostAim. If you have any issues please create a support ticket or make a post on the forums.

We strongly advise against using aimbot on Vanguard. There are server-sided changes to Vanguard that make it risky to use. As always, cheating comes at a risk no matter what anyone says and it is up to you to decide to take that risk.

Thank you all!

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