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GhostAim's Upcoming Plans/Changes (incl. Vanguard)


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Hello everyone!

I would like to address the issue of the cleaner / spoofer not working for many users. We are actively looking for a solution to this since our cheat is not compatible with many third-party spoofers such as Infinite. We've decided that we're going to re-write a new version of GhostAim, we'll be calling it GhostAim 2.0 - Lite. It will be an external cheat instead of an internal and it will be written for Warzone and be used for our first Vanguard release as well. The goal of rewriting the cheat is to remove GA's dependency on virtualization so that our users may be able to play using whatever third-party spoofer they want. The rewrite is expected to take approximately a week. The current version of GA will still be available and supported for those who wish to remain using it. 

The change of external vs internal will most mostly be negligible to our customers and will mostly bring benefits to everyone. Some of these potential benefits will be:

  • Improved performance
  • Less bugs and crashes
  • Ability to use third party spoofers (such as Infinite)
  • Ability to save settings directly from the menu. 
  • Stream-proof no matter what software being used. 

The new version of GhostAim will give us time to work on a proper in-house spoofer/cleaner and will be easier to maintain. We are planning on rewriting everything ultimately and begin selling a proper spoofer that works and may even attract more customers.

In addition, with the BETA release of Vanguard, we've been able to identify closely what the requirements are from a developer stand-point to begin selling cheats. We will most likely not have anything ready for the BETA but we already have almost everything needed for a proper cheat. This means we will be attempting to provide a Vanguard cheat shortly after the game's official release. 

I'm very excited to take on these challenges and solve each and every one of them. I wish everyone well!


The GhostAim Team. 

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5 hours ago, lukaslange96 said:

Hello @Laz when you make a vanguard cheat can you make zombie cheats too for vanguard pls. i hope so . ty 

There is no ETA on the Vanguard cheat and whether zombies will be included or not is undecided. We will announce further details regarding these topics in the future. 

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