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New COD: Cleaner Added to Store!

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Dear GhostAim Community,

After months of working on our spoofer for Call of Duty, we've finally come up with a solution for those pesky shadowbans that is practically guaranteed to work and only needs to be used/ran once after a ban! Not even our own built-in spoofer is necessary after running this cleaner. 

The new cleaner being sold is featured here on the store:

Since it is developed by another developer, we cannot provide it for free to our customers. However, we're giving a 10$ discount to any member with an active subscription. It is $30 for 1 month access for non subscribers, and only 20$ per month for subscribers. There is a limited stock of keys at the moment. 

We are still working on improving our own spoofer that's bundled with the cheat but for the time being we have decided to officially support this cleaner as it is guaranteed to work with our products. 


Laz and the GhostAim Team.

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I am in discord. I have had a ticket open for 2 days. i have tried contacting the mod directly.. all i got was "install directx runtime" Ridiculous.

SPOOFER STILL NOT WORKING AND STILL NO SUPPORT APART FROM "INSTALL DIRECT X RUNTIME" I have DirectX runtime. I started to get VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and MSVCP140.dll I have fixed all that i am not back to square 1 where it opens to a blank screen then closes.

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