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  3. You have a license key seeing as you’re a subscriber. We don’t send emails anymore for products, only payment confirmation. You can download the loader by clicking the download link on the navigation bar or by going directly to https://GhostAim.com/release The amount of days you have in the key start when you login to the loader and activate the product.
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  5. the loader is on the site... the tabs name is named download .
  6. Am I supposed to get a email or download it from my orders page ? It’s been a day
  7. It can vary per user I've seen people wait 20 minutes to a few hours. But then there are some where the transaction is almost instant. All I can say is you sent it and you will definitely be receiving confirmation shortly.
  8. Yo Yo Guys, can somebody answer me how long it is normally gonna take until coinbase sends you the BTC? 🥵
  9. Alec

    GA Cleaner

    Hello, I am currently HWID banned as anytime I make a new account I am instantly permabanned. I seen that you guys have a file cleaner and a spoofer and I was wondering if these would allow me to bypass doing a fresh windows reinstall.
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  11. The injection process is all done through an exe that is open on your computer and it's an internal injection. So no external hardware nor software will be up and running after the injection is complete. Basically as soon as all the drives are done loading up and everything is ready to go it will tell you to press f5 for injection and at that point you will need to bring your game up to the main menu where you select WZ or Multiplayer and press f5. This will close Ghostaims launcher and inject itself into the game itself with a menu to edit setting to your liking. Hopefully this clears up any
  12. Hi I was interested in buying the product but before I do, how is the injection process? is it through a USB ?
  13. Morphene


    You can see if the gift card is a visa and if it can be processed through on the payment section of the site. Otherwise you will need a credit or debit card or BTC to complete process. Thank you
  14. Wnb7272


    Hello I want pay cheat lifetime with gift card ❤️ ?!
  15. yo mr. Laz your are recieving my upmost honarable appreciaciation dude for the time and effort tou take out of your day to support everyone thats interested if there was a way i could help i would. honestly since i discovered your site my days have been going so much more smoother keep up the great work. Much appreciated

    1. Laz


      Thanks man I really appreciate the nice comments!

  16. Hey Everyone ! Lately we've been getting alot of request about the cleaner. A link to the cleaner is under #questions section. I have included a link that our one and only Morphene has created for the community. please follow step by step instructions here as well. The Cleaner does work for most PC builds. if you run into a problem please let one of the MODS know. Youtube Link :
  17. Yes sir, completely undetected and safe. We always recommend using it on an alt account instead of a main. Play safe.
  18. Hallo i wanna use it on my main since it seems to be very safe and ud since Release But is it still ud after Season 3 Update?
  19. Morphene


    The Cold War engine is still being debugged for the controller, you will find some guns work while others do not. Remember as well with the MW engine, that if you are using a PS4 controller you will need to remap accordingly. For this you can use REWASD.
  20. MandoFan


    can i use with controller
  21. English is preferred. You can find settings in the discord server by asking other members. Thank you.
  22. Hi mich bin neu hier kann mir jemand helfen bei denn Einstellungen
  23. Hey, The cheat is really good no shadow ban, no ban. The aimbot can look really legit with good settings and still very strong, i play since like 6 hour straight no one call me haxx I played a mix of wz and mw multi. But the esp need a 4/3 resolution support cuz the esp is too much on top of enemy when using 4/3 resolution. And if i dont put 4/3 resolution i have shitty fps. but overall this is the best wz/mw cheat i've tested. and I tested 2 other big provider.
  24. By blocked do you mean HWID banned? The engine for MW/WZ will come with a cleaner that should bypass any HWID ban you might be experiencing. Thank you
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