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  2. but i am doing exacly that, and its working for me O.o
  3. Yesterday
  4. No, it does not work due to new boot loader spoofer.
  5. yes Yes, the cheats were put on the backburner due to the spoofer issues.
  6. Last week
  7. Looks like it has just come back online recently, is the cheat closely following?
  8. Is it out yet? Sorry do not have telegram
  9. Earlier
  10. The spoofer is still being tested and worked on, it was basically started over from scratch with some amazing new security methods being used. The devs also taken the time to use this time for rewriting the kernel part of our cheats itself, bringing unmatched security to all our products soon here. Keep an eye out in the Telegram chat for updates, a few have gone out already from the admins 🙂https://ghostaim.com/telegram/
  11. Hi guys, wanna know when spoofer will be available to buy again??? and if will work with vanguard???
  12. This is 100% correct. Thank you. We will update you all as we finish.
  13. i thin kits because they are updating and testing the ahcsk and spoofer so it will tkae a few days to be done, meaning people buying the cheats now would be pointless as you'd just get banned. they will be back in stock when theyre done testing and updating
  14. fiorem2


    Anyone know why this is?
  15. why is ghost aim for warzone out of stock?
  16. jdecent

    licence key

    homepage> store> manage purchases > copy key
  17. faded1

    licence key

    how do i find out what my license key is
  18. Yes. We are very sorry to hear that! Our developer is now working as hard as he can on a spoofer from scratch. Which will countermeasure the things Activision started doing! Make sure to be in our Telegram for the latest updates regarding this topic! RookieKiddie Moderator of GhostAim
  19. Same just happened to me .. i was on controller as well. RIP had account since pre warzone . on to the next game i guess. RIP to my name as well.
  20. store is fully reactivated now and card purchases will work again.
  21. the amount of detection checks in place around the aimbot specifically is nuts, we would know. It is not detected, there has been a massive banwave on flagged accounts, if you are not using VERY legit aimbot settings the server side anticheat is noticing your irregular aim movement, which flags your account now. there is nothing we can do about that. The only thing that got detected was the spoofer, and that is being worked on. Do not come here spreading rumors man, it incites fear for no reason at all.
  22. Creditcard option was down last night, it's back now!
  23. got banned also i think aimbot is detected
  24. I got Perma Banned on vanguard even tho I used the cheats over a month ago, laz or morphene or any of the other administrators, u goats always know what to do, so could u help a brother out and lmk what to do without spending money cause im really not trying to buy the game again nor buy a spoofer temporarily, they rejected my appeal as well.
  25. Im down for Lifetime option too
  26. I’m trying to make a purchase but it keeps sending me to Coinbase. I purchased a chair a few days ago and was able to pay with my Debit Card. Now it won’t let me. Just takes me straight to Coinbase. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or do you guys only accept Crypto right now?
  27. I was trying to make a purchase but it keeps taking me to Coinbase. I was able to purchase will my Debit Card a couple days ago but it won't let me now. Am I doing something wrong or do you guys no longer accept Debit/Credit card??? Thank you.
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