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  5. Has anyone used this cleaner? is it true that you can play warzone after changing the HWID?
  6. I am in discord. I have had a ticket open for 2 days. i have tried contacting the mod directly.. all i got was "install directx runtime" Ridiculous. SPOOFER STILL NOT WORKING AND STILL NO SUPPORT APART FROM "INSTALL DIRECT X RUNTIME" I have DirectX runtime. I started to get VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and MSVCP140.dll I have fixed all that i am not back to square 1 where it opens to a blank screen then closes.
  7. Don't but this, currently not working.. and ZERO. 0 support.
  8. Is it possible to purchase a lifetime plan?
  9. Where are the instructions to use this tool? update: Nevermind i found it thank you.
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  11. My cheats for warzone are currently not working and say to use them I have to wait for an update? is that an update coming soon or what the deal. Thanks.
  12. Dear GhostAim Community, After months of working on our spoofer for Call of Duty, we've finally come up with a solution for those pesky shadowbans that is practically guaranteed to work and only needs to be used/ran once after a ban! Not even our own built-in spoofer is necessary after running this cleaner. The new cleaner being sold is featured here on the store: Since it is developed by another developer, we cannot provide it for free to our customers. However, we're giving a 10$ discount to any member with an active subscription. It is $30 for 1 month access for non subscri
  13. > What Is the Cleaner?

    The Cleaner is a 1 click program that is run on your PC, It clears all tracer files and Permanently Changes your PC HWID, everything is done so you don't have to!

    It Has been designed to remove those pesky Shadow and Perma bans you have been receiving after making a new account

    > The Cleaner Does Not Support:

    • HP 
    • Alienware
    • Lenovo

    > Do I need to reinstall Windows? 
    **If you have used a previous spoofer before, Especially AA or Infinite, Reinstall your system!**
    No windows installation is needed, If you have used another woofer in the past, especially Infinite or AA then we highly recommend to!

    > Where do I download the cleaner?

    Once you purchase the cleaner, it will be available in the manage purchases section: https://ghostaim.com/clients/purchases/

    > How Do I run the Cleaner?

    The Cleaner is available in the Downloads Section.
    Once Downloaded We have a support section and even a video tutorial.

    > After My cleaner subscription is over do I need to purchase again?

    No. The cleaner is a permanent solution to removing that ban, Unless of course you get banned again then you will need to run again.

    > Will the cleaner remove a ban from my account?

    No, Once and account is marked for ban or has been shadow banned there is nothing that can be done.
    The Cleaner will however prevent a shadow ban turning into a permanent ban, It just depends how much you value your account

    > What Versions of Windows Does the Cleaner Support?

    We Support ALL Versions of Windows 10

  14. Dark45


    Buonasera, volevo sapere se lo spoofer funziona, da quando c'è stata l'ondata dei ban non ho più aperto Battle, usando il vostro spoofer e cheat potrei scamparla?
  15. same what does gravity bullet mean? how do we use it?
  16. Hi I tried to buy the mw subscription. It doesn t work the first time. So i tried a second time. Now i got 2 email receipts of two purchases. So it would be better to pay a little bit more to get the whole month.Is it possible to extend it to one month when i pay one more weekl? 30 togehter? Also i got not download link or any subscriptions status on your page. So how do i proceed to get startet? Regards Marten
  17. I cannot seem to find a separate package but there is reference to the HWID spoofing. Thanks in advance ! Kevin
  18. Hi, How to check if the hack can run on your pc? i asked that question cause i bought hacks from 4 different providers but none of them work on my pc. Their support team is not very helpful so I can’t use any of their products. can i check to make sure the hack works before i buy the subscription. Thank you!
  19. Is the controller option for warzone product still working ?
  20. Is it safe to cheat in Call of Duty Warzone? How long was the last test? How long can I use it after payment? Do I need to wait for activation? Thank you
  21. Does the controller option require any tweaking or is it good at default?
  22. I can confirm that the cheat worked fine on my RTX3080 with no fps loss and good performance on ultra settings. However, I would suggest waiting for the dev to give a clear confirmation on whether or not this cheat is detected, as I got shadowbanned after 30 minutes of using it yesterday. EDIT: got banned the next day, cheat is 100% detected.
  23. I currently have a different MW cheat, however with that cheat active my GPU usage in warzone is awful, it is around 40% which hurts my FPS a lot. With the cheat off my usage is always above 80%. I have a rtx 3090. Can anyone speak on if this cheat will do better?
  24. Hi, I'm in the same situation as well. I bought the cheat today and I got shadow banned after 2 games. I purchased the 1 week version of the subscription so this is quite disappointing... EDIT: my account is now permanently banned
  25. hello laz, can u help me? check my license status, it says


    This license has already been activated on another machine!
    Contact an administrator if you believe for this to be a mistake!

  26. What error are you getting?
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