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Apex Legends Update 26-July-2022

GhostAim Apex was never down for Origin. It was down for Steam earlier today but they reverted the update. No updates for Apex are necessary at the moment. We anticipate Apex will be adding a new anti-tampering technology called Hyperion in the near future but for now the game is safe. Enjoy!

Apex Legends Update 24-June-2022

GhostAim Apex 2.2.5-R1 has been released for the latest Apex Legends update with time compensation added to all license active from 96 hours ago.  -ESP has been revamped with most features from MW ported over.  -Color selection for ESP has been added. -Min FOV added . -Auto Scan/Auto Lock renamed to 'Dynamic Target Selection' due to confusion regarding this feature.  -Performance improvements to the visibility check functions.

Apex Legends Update 27-May-2022

GhostAim Apex - Build 2.2.2-R1 - Has been released to the public under TESTING status. All prior Apex subscriptions have been re-activated from 108 days ago. You will need to download the latest GhostAim Apex loader from the downloads section.  New features: -Anti-recoil has been improved by adding a fraction of randomness to prevent server-sided detections.  -180 degree flips during aiming have been fixed. -The mouse aim assist mode that was added to our Call of Duty cheats has been

Apex Legends Update 8-February-2022

GhostAim Apex 2.0.5-R1 has been finally re-released. Sales are now open in the store. We've been testing privately for about 2 weeks now with much success. The key to not getting banned in Apex is to avoid strong aimbot settings.  Features: -Aimbot -ESP -Nicknames -Distance Marker -Crosshair -Anti Recoil (with control slider) -HWID spoofer This is just the beginning... https://ghostaim.com/store/product/8-apex-legends-1-day/


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