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Warzone/MW Update 19-June-2022

GhostAim MW/WZ 2.2.5 has been released: -No recoil has been removed. -New accel reset checkbox (resets acceleration timer when min FOV is hit on a target) -Velocity prediction has been improved.  -Aimbot stability is much improved, can max out the speed without any screen shaking (although I do not recommend you do so). -Max speed available has been increased to 720 from 360) -Random bug fixes

Warzone/MW Update 17-June-2022

GhostAim MW 2.2.3-R1 has been dropped: -ESP has been improved for better readability  -Ability to adjust ESP colors has been added -Min FOV slider has been added to reduce aimbot locking onto specific bones -No Recoil has been rewritten to be safer but works inherently the same (If you are getting disconnects or no-damage bullets don't enable it.) -Bullet drop prediction has been fixed for snipers and long distance shooting. 1

Warzone/MW Update 4-May-2022

GhostAim MW/WZ 2.1.3-R2 has been released for tonight's update! GhostAim MW 2.2.0 has been released with the following updates: —New Mouse Aim input mode (for legit aimassist) ——The new aimassist mode will adjust your natural mouse input based on the configured aimbot settings directly at the lowest level in the kernel. It is compatible with all anti-cheats and will be our new preferred aimbot mode. ——Aimbot will only aim while you move your mouse.  ——This mode should lower the serv

Warzone/MW Update 23-April-2022

GhostAim MW/WZ 2.1.2 has been released which includes the fix for Warzone crashing randomly. You will notice that the menu will no longer block input to the game when clicking on it. This is normal. All features working correctly and have been tested.  We appreciate your patience while we fixed these issues, especially those of you gaming this weekend. We've extended all license keys for Warzone/MW by up to 24 hours for the downtime. Thank you, -Laz.  


Laz in Game Updates

Warzone/MW Update 19-April-2022

GhostAim MW/WZ 2.1.0-R7 has been released for today's update. Up to 6 hour license extension granted.  Things to add: - Our bootloader & spoofer continue to remain undetected and functioning as designed despite Ricochet having recently detected many other third-party providers.  - We haven't had a single detection since we released our new bootloader back in December.  - We are currently working on a brand new user interface for the loaders to make our products more user-


Laz in Game Updates

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