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Apex Legends Update 24-June-2022

GhostAim Apex 2.2.5-R1 has been released for the latest Apex Legends update with time compensation added to all license active from 96 hours ago.  -ESP has been revamped with most features from MW ported over.  -Color selection for ESP has been added. -Min FOV added . -Auto Scan/Auto Lock renamed to 'Dynamic Target Selection' due to confusion regarding this feature.  -Performance improvements to the visibility check functions.

Warzone/MW Update 19-June-2022

GhostAim MW/WZ 2.2.5 has been released: -No recoil has been removed. -New accel reset checkbox (resets acceleration timer when min FOV is hit on a target) -Velocity prediction has been improved.  -Aimbot stability is much improved, can max out the speed without any screen shaking (although I do not recommend you do so). -Max speed available has been increased to 720 from 360) -Random bug fixes

Vanguard Update 18-June-2022

GhostAim VG 2.2.3-R1 has been released for tonight's update with all new features from MW ported over. No recoil has been disabled on both MW/WZ and VG temporarily while we find an alternative. Thanks! GhostAim VG 2.2.4 has been released with a new no-recoil technique which has a strength slider. It is now possible to reduce recoil by a fraction instead of eliminating completely. It's also more powerful than before so be careful setting it too high. We don't know if it is completely safe as

Warzone/MW Update 17-June-2022

GhostAim MW 2.2.3-R1 has been dropped: -ESP has been improved for better readability  -Ability to adjust ESP colors has been added -Min FOV slider has been added to reduce aimbot locking onto specific bones -No Recoil has been rewritten to be safer but works inherently the same (If you are getting disconnects or no-damage bullets don't enable it.) -Bullet drop prediction has been fixed for snipers and long distance shooting. 1

Apex Legends Update 27-May-2022

GhostAim Apex - Build 2.2.2-R1 - Has been released to the public under TESTING status. All prior Apex subscriptions have been re-activated from 108 days ago. You will need to download the latest GhostAim Apex loader from the downloads section.  New features: -Anti-recoil has been improved by adding a fraction of randomness to prevent server-sided detections.  -180 degree flips during aiming have been fixed. -The mouse aim assist mode that was added to our Call of Duty cheats has been
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