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GhostAim Apex has been re-released!


GhostAim Apex - Build 2.2.2-R1 - Has been released to the public under TESTING status. All prior Apex subscriptions have been re-activated from 108 days ago. You will need to download the latest GhostAim Apex loader from the downloads section. 

New features:
-Anti-recoil has been improved by adding a fraction of randomness to prevent server-sided detections. 
-180 degree flips during aiming have been fixed.
-The mouse aim assist mode that was added to our Call of Duty cheats has been ported over. 

Existing features:

The GhostAim spoofer comes bundled with the cheat as well as with all our other products.  The spoofer was never detected and has continued to work well with Apex Legends as long as you use Revo uninstaller to delete it after a ban. 

The Apex cheat has been under testing for over a month now with no bans reported from our staff. Some of us have reached Predator in ranked. 

As always, thank you for using GhostAim. We wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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